Alien boss

Xenodon Giant


  • Previous boss: Broken Dragon
  • Succeeding boss: Gorgona (Optional, located in Act 1)
    • Title/Rank: Siege Beast


The Xenodon Giant is the Boss at the East end of Level 29 - The Temple. The Xenodon Giant is a humongous Siege Beast.

Abilities Edit

Besides his basic attacks, the Xenodon Giant uses 3 abilities:

  • Shield: The Xenodon Giant creates a small blue shield. Reflects some missile skills (So far, reflect confirmed on Bounty Hunter's "Snipe" and "Multishot" skill) Use caution as this will reflect "Actual" damage. (Damage you dealt using that skill minus your armor damage reduction)
  • Poison Spray: The Xenodon Giant releases a ringed poison cloud near the player that does minor damage.
  • Fire Sweep: The Xenodon Giant creates the spinning flame sweeper that Immolating Elites do. It does minor damage.

Trivia Edit

  • There have been set many bugs in this boss, these bugs can be seen also in other bosses, such as Broken Dragon. The bug is triggered when fighting the boss at the very end of the temple, near the three cheers area, he can be pushed to the wall and back himself through making his tail pass through the wall, to the dark end of the map. This bug is long known, but it's not as important to fix. Mostly can be seen when fighting with Warrior, because he has many aggressive Abilities that can push him to the wall (charge,...).
  • Xenodon Giant hass some of the highest Health points of all bosses, but on the flip side , he does some of the lowest damage, due to his low attack speed and skill damage.
  • He is the defender of the Temple at the end of Act 2, where he guards a big space vessel that can travel through space.
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