Xagan's starting kit is the game's special offer, which is offered shortly after you advance (now it is level 7 - The Anderra). It is only available once, no matter how many Hero classes you create after you are offered for this.

Xagan's starting kit offers the following:

  • Xagan the Blue Wizard - (companion aka minion) will join your Companions page after you take the deal. You can buy another Xagan from the Store page, for the cost of 500 Gems.
  • 3 Gemstone packs - Gemstones are available to obtain from monsters also after the deal.
  • 750 gems
  • 5000 gold

Trivia Edit

  • Xagan's special offer is available for the limited time after the offer.
  • There is no other offer of this after it offers you once.

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