Players can upgrade their abilities to the max level of 10, using the Abilities page. There are 3 slots they can use for upgrading, with one being unlocked for free after unlocking first ability, and the next for certain cost of gems.

Each level upgrade has got own cost, cooldown time and cost to speed up for free.

Upgrade table Edit

Level upgrade Cost Cooldown time Finish now cost
1-2 25 G 10 Minutes 3 Gems
2-3 50 G 15 Minutes
3-4 100 G 30 Minutes
4-5 250 G 1:30 Hours
5-6 400 G 3 Hours 39 Gems
6-7 500 G 6 Hours 68 Gems
7-8 1000 G 18 Hours 183 Gems
8-9 2500 G 36 Hours 310 Gems
9-10 5000 G 72 Hours
Total 9825 G

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