Summoner is a game boss that can be found at Level 12 - The Gauntlet followed after each 9th wave as a boss fight. Defeating him unlocks a checkpoint for that amount of wave. (Example: if defeating boss on wave 20 and dying before killing him on wave 30, your hero will be able to start from wave 20 instead of starting all the Gauntlet all over.)

Chrolonogy Edit

Appearance Edit

His outer look is just the same as any other summoner in the game, however he is 3 times bigger than the normal summoner. He can usually say the words like other summoners, for example "Ragadam is here!".

This boss can shoot fire arrows on your hero.

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Strategy Edit

Fighting The Summoner with all hero classes feels the same. His basic attack is shooting fiery magic missile, thus avoiding it with ranged classes is of some use, once he gets to be a challenge. Meele heroes should be able to tank for as long as possible.

Trivia Edit

*The Summoner was able to also summon monsters to aid him in the fight while in battle. This was later, due to cause of hard game-play conditions, removed.

*He tends to escape when you are aggressive on him and making the fight even more annoying.

*He was added to the game in the mid of 2015, when the Gauntlet was released.

In Gauntlet combat, he gives no gear rewards

Even though players were able to fight him in Trials before, it was later removed due to various unbalance issues it caused.