Summoner is a game boss that can be found in The Gauntlet at each 10 levels, or in Trials as a random end boss.

Appearance Edit

Summoner is a boss that can summon creatures to help him in fight. His outer look is just the same as any other summoner in the game, however he is 3 times bigger than the normal summoner. He can usually say the words like other summoners, for example "Ragadam is here!".

This boss can shoot fire arrows on you that cause several damage to your hero.

2016-04-24 00.09.51

Strategy Edit

In order to keep you alive, use the silence field to keep him of yourself and don't let him cast his annoying spells on you and also he won't be able to summon any mobs to join the fight.

Trivia Edit

*He can summon: Healers, Reapers, Skeletons.

*He is also available to fight in trials, where at high levels can be very challenging.

*After fighting him down in the Gauntlet level, he will again appear after next ten waves. Of course, stronger.

*He tends to escape when you are agressive on him and making the fight even more annoying.

*He was added to the game in the mid of 2015, when the Gauntlet was released. Later, at the end of 2016 he was added to Trials as they has been released.

*He is one of the strongest Endgame bosses, as long his HP and damage go highly up at his higher levels.

*When facing him in Gauntlet he will not give you any rewards.

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