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Nirgal, the Rusty planet is the third Act in Mage and Minions. It is the hardest of all acts now, due to the drastical grow of enemy levels. This makes them to level up from level 20 to level 40 in only 20 gameplay areas.

This Act and Act 2 is the only place where you can meet Aztraks, the tough dinosaur and raptor like species occupying this planet.

You can find 2 major bosses in this Act - Level 39, City of Malador - Gorlak the Wallshater. Level 40, The Crucible of Mawrth - Elban the Demiurge.

Locations Edit

  • The Piramids: This area is located on the very south of this planet. It is known by its open world locations and Ragadam's minions lurking around.
  • Beneath The Piramids: A place where Lifecrafters used to work. However, now it is dark inside with Aztraks on all the step.
  • Nirgalian Deserts: Long valley leading right to the bottom of the oasis.
  • City of Minaris: Old antic civilisation used to live here before the coming of the Aztraks. Now it serves as the great place for Ragadam's skeletons to hide and wait for their hunt.
  • The Wall: Build between two mountains ranges, the Titanic wall once protected people of Minaris from the more aggressive people from the More. However it was use dby traders at the times of peace.
  • Murkvale: Small humble village that is placed around the huge and green lake. The forest and jungle envelope all around of this place now and animals are using it as the hideout.
  • City of Malador: Placed at the very top of the planet, the legendary Malador has been once the capital of all these lands. But now it is the seat of old Aztraks - Gorlak the Wallshater.
  • Crucible: The huge dungeon build right under Malador was use to imprison Mawrth, the ancient demon. But as the walls of Crucible fallen, Elban got there and slain Mawrth. It is his place now.


  • It is by far the longest and hardest act.