Leadearboards is an upcoming feature of Eternium: MAM. It is appointed at the development 'roadmap' as the first big step for long awaited multiplayer. It is also the first in-game social place, except for the friends Tab which only let devices to connect players across the world.

It will be available from the versions 1.2.17 or .12.18. was scheduled to be released in January 2016, but the cheaters are still rulling the game. Development team is first of all focusing to stop hacked accounts so they won't be able to have access to leaderboards feature as it will be release, thus will makes them no able to be listed in there.

Ladders Edit

In-game function Leaderboards will be divided into sub-ladders, however currently we know only about a trial level ranking ladder. More are to be yet tease further.

More coming soon...


  • The Google play also offers you to check for the leaderboard (available from 1.2.14), however it is only based by single location and the star count.
  • The hacked accounts will be removed by the pass of the time, even before leaderboards, hopefully.
  • Was actually planned for 1.2.16, however there had been made remarks about that it is coming later (coming soon™)

More teasers coming soon...

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