Kara is currently the final boss in Eternium, in level 5, The Underworld. She leads whats is left of Ragadam's forces on Demeter, the shattered world.

Chronology Edit

  • Previous boss: Garm
  • Succeeding boss: Possibly Ragadam (not released yet)
    • Title/Rank: The Tempest Queen  


Kara uses power of lighting. Her basic attacks consist of shooting lighting bolts (arrows) at your hero, causing massive damage already. She can get damage buff during the fight (see: Maiden of Pain below), thus giving her even boosted DPS power.

  • Maiden of Pain: Kara summons a minion maiden. 
  • Maiden of Steel: Kara summons a minion maiden.

Strategy Edit



  • Kara was added in Act IV and Home Town update in August 2018, featured as final boss of the act. 
  • She can be encountered in The Underworld or Trial number 5 for the first time, in trials she later appears in the same sequence.