Gemstones are items that can be inserted into socketed gear to give your Hero attribute boosts. Sockets appear as small circles with gilded edges in the middle of the icons for items in the game. Socketed gear can be found occasionally from Chests or dropped from defeated enemies. There is also the option of adding a socket to an item using Gems.

Gemstones provide an instant elevation of certain attributes, which can make a large difference in either the offensive or defensive ability of your Hero, and subsequently influence individual playing styles. There are six different gemstones available, with six rarities to each. Gemstones can be obtained from the very beginning of the game. Drops range from one to three rarities per level, although the Rough and Common rarities are the most common. Levels which are popular for gemstone looting include the Broken Dragon, the Crucible of Mawrth, the Severed Mountain, and the Seige of Anderhelm. Trials are another rich source of gemstones. By applying the Greater Currency Booster (available in the Store for 75 gems), gemstone drops are increased by 400% for 30 minutes of active gameplay. This add-on is especially useful during Events and when crafting jewelry.

Types and Attribute BoostsEdit

Rough Common Teardrop Radiant Trillion Brilliant


+5 +10 +20 +30 +40 +50

(Ability Rate)

+5 +10 +20 +30 +40 +50

(Critical Rate)

+5 +10 +20 +30 +40 +50


+5 +10 +20 +30 +40 +50


+5 +10 +20 +30 +40 +50


+20 +40 +80 +120 +160 +200

Level Requirements Edit

  • ROUGH - Level 1 required to unlock
  • COMMON - Level 5 required to unlock
  • TEARDROP - Level 10 required to unlock
  • RADIANT - Level 15 required to unlock
  • TRILLION - Level 20 required to unlock
  • BRILLIANT - Level 25 required to unlock

Gemstones assortment Edit

Can be bought from the shop for the cost of 99 gems. Contains an assortment of 9 gemstones, with one exceptionally powerful gemstone.

  • Chances:
    • Level 1: 30% to obtain
    • Level 2: 50% to obtain
    • Level 3: 30% to obtain
    • Level 4: 50% to obtain
    • Level 5: 30% to obtain

Gemstone fusingEdit

Three gemstones of the same type and rarity can be fused into one single rarer gemstone. To obtain a Brilliant Gemstone, you will need either 243 Roughs, 81 Commons, 27 Teardrops, 9 Radiants, or 3 Trillions. Fusing gemstones will cost 25 gold from Rough to Common, 50 gold from Common to Teardrop, 100 from Teardrop to Radiant, 500 from Radiant to Trillion, and 2000 gold from Trillion to Brilliant.

To perform fusion, place three gemstones of the same type and rarity (for example, three Teardrop Rubies) into a single slot in your Inventory or Chest. Tap the slot and select the "fuse" option to upgrade your gemstone.


  • Gemstones were added in 2014 after the several patches in the beta version of the game.