There are number of gears design solely for the Bounty Hunter.

But would you choose to have 6 pieces of 1 set or no?


Here're tips for all of the Bounty Hunters:

You will need 2 piece of each Set exactly. Because the BH relies on extreme DPS, slight tankiness not to get 1 shot by boss and enough recovery so you can still fight. 

Recommended statsEdit

Power (For DPS) 85-90 power is the best

Critical rating (DPS) 85-90 Crit rate very advisable

Critical damage (DPS) 57-60% the maximum possible Crit damage

Attack speed (DPS/Recovery/Proc of passive skills) 13-14.4% max Attack speed rate you can reach via items.

Gear setsEdit

2 assault gear: for the additional 5 projectile on the scatter shot (additional DPS)

2 havoc gear: plainly for the 500% weapon damage on the missile (additional DPS)

2 stalker gear: if you have 5 additional projectile you also need 15% more on piercing so the projectiles will penetrate and damage more enemies.

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