One of the side priorities is to include the two handed weapons. These weapons will have higher damage, and one more stat for each quality, meaning that legendary items will have 5 stats. These items will have slightly lower attack speed. They -might - include: Other types of staffs, bows, crossbows, spears, advanced axes and some other types of weapons.

  • Development: Unknown
  • ETA: Unknown


They have discussed a new crafting system which will involve breaking items into components and re-combining the components into new items (including set items) at a few meetings, but it hasn't been spec'd out yet, which is why no promises have been made as to a release.

  • Development: Active
  • ETA: 2019


Multiplayer and PvP are most likely releasing this winter. These features are already finished and have passed several balance stages.

  • Development: Being balanced
  • ETA: Winter 2018


New class is confirmed to be released, but only in few words. They of course cannot say who it actually is/will be. It's untold when it will be released. Developers can be easily changing the development priority (use the link below for more).

  • Development: Started
  • ETA: 2018-2019


Act V. It was announced in mid-summer of 2018 that the level designers started working on official Act V basics. This is probably the last act in story mode.

  • Development: Active
  • ETA: Possibly late 2019


Ragadam. Sure, he's coming. Stay tuned.

  • Development: possibly started
  • ETA: probably to be featured in Act V


  • Character optimization and making them more personal for their look and characterization. In the works.
  • More dungeons and dozens of "no story" based levels, like you know them from the old school games. Development in priority.
  • Various balance changes.


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1. New class (link leads to the game's forums page):

  • Note that new class is confirmed, but it's not Warlock as the person said.

2. Multiplayer teasers (link leads to the YouTube app):

3. Bounty Hunter, arrow and bow teasers (link takes you further to YouTube app):