Elite monsters are monsters with higher life points, bigger damage, and in all, better stats. They can mainly be found in Trials, and there are usually around 10 or more groups.

The count of elite mobs you can encounter is increased when you advance in Story mode and unlock more difficult levels.

The elites types are usually Skeleton giants, Summoners, Healers and Skeleton Archers. However, you can encounter any type of elite in Story mode, while these are only found in Trials.

Auras Edit

Elite enemies possess special auras that appear around them, which can either damage, slow, or reflect damage to the player. They can also boost the attack and defense of enemies. However, the auras disappear and reappear every few seconds. Also, a well build Mage can easily kite these skills with using Frost spells, or using Maggie and your companion in your Companions.

Aura types:

  • Fire Aura - Causes fire damage to you and your companions.
  • Freezing Aura - Slows your hero's Movement speed to 75%
  • Attack Boost Aura -  Boosts the Power of enemy attacks.
  • Defense Boost Aura - Boosts the Armor of enemies.
  • Reflection Aura - Enemies within the area of effect reflect some damage dealt to them by the hero.

Trivia Edit

  • Auras were added in the summer of 2015, during the large expansion.
  • Every elite monster at the end of each Story mode level has the a name icon over their body, except for the AFK levels and Gauntlet levels.