• Previous boss: Gorlak
  • Succeeding boss: Possibly Ragadam (not released yet)
    • Title/Rank: The highest disciple (also referred to as The Demiurge)


Elban the Disciple can be found at the southern end of Level 40 - The Crucible of Mawrth. Elban is one of the strongest bosses in the game, trading basic attack damage for high amounts of mobility and skill damage.

Along the Broken Dragon and Magroth, he is one of the bosses that spawn during Trials.


Reptilian's riseEdit

Corrupting the witchEdit

Beneath the MaladorEdit

Abilities Edit

Elban's basic attacks deal greatly reduced damage in comparison to other bosses, though he compensates them by being quite mobile and having higher attack speed.

Elban uses 5 abili

  • Charge: An arrow appears on screen, protruding from Elban. After a small cast time, he rushes in that direction to the end of the arrow. It does minor damage, and can easily be avoided.
  • Life Drain - or Blood Leech: This spell works quite similar to that of Ghosts, creating a link between himself and his target. It deals increasingly higher damage the more time the link stays activated, and the closer Elban is to his target. Additionally, it heals Elban for the duration, and the target is slowed as long as Elban is channeling the spell. When the distance between Elban and the target is too great, the link breaks. Blood Leech does not heal Elban during the first 1.5 seconds of channeling.
  • Devastating Assault: Elban leaps into the air and then targets the player’s position, highlighted by a circle when his targeting is complete, unleashing a Devastating Assault, which deals 10000% weapon damage once he lands.
  • Impale: Elban teleports next to the player and channels frontal attack for 3 sec, attempting to Impale the Hero with great force. Impale deals 150% weapon damage instantly, and causes the Hero to bleed for 25% weapon damage and deal 5% increased damage every second for the remainder of the fight. The Impale bleed effect stacks multiple times.
  • Break Free: Elban removes existing Crowd Control Effects (if any), and becomes immune to further Crowd Control for 4 seconds.

Note: Elban is immune to crowd control effects once he starts channeling any ability.


  • Having a high movement speed can and will help when dodging an ability such as Devastating Assault, regardless of your class. It is imperative to have enough recovery from Life on Hit and/or Life Regen to mitigate his DPS and Impale's Damage over time.
  • When fighting with a Warrior it is important to have Life on hit and two Weapons, so you are healed faster by executing your attacks more often. (Consider too that having a shield allows you to have a higher amount of damage reduction if you are getting killed too quickly regardless of your recovery.) Additionally, you should attempt to stun or silence him once he casts Life Drain, or make distance as quickly as possible
  • It isn't recommended to make the fight too long, as successive casts of Impale will make the fight more difficult.
  • If you see Elban casting Life Drain, stun him as soon as possible or make distance so the link breaks faster if no Hard CC is readily available.

Otherwise, use a slowing attack on Elban if you have one, stun him often, and best of luck to you!


Normal Difficulty - WarriorEdit

2016-05-10 00.12.16

Elban is a level 40 enemy in Normal difficulty with an unadjusted difficulty level.  I was able to easily defeat him with my test warrior at level 40.

The strategy is similar to the one for Gorlak.  Open the battle with Cleave and a vortex to group his healers together.  Cleave until all the healers die and then switch to Frenzy for its higher single target DPS and healing effect.  Be sure to hit him occasionally with a single Cleave to apply the -30% attack speed debuff to him so that his damage output is more managable.  He does not summon further additional enemies, so there is no worries there.  Use your Charge, Marcus' Charge, and Maggie's Vortex only when necessary to stay alive or to stop Elban from using charge or his red draining beam.  Potions or Apples as necessary, but I didn't have to use any for this fight.
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2016-05-10 00.12.44
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2016-05-10 00.14.42

Heroic Difficulty - Mage Edit

It is recommended to have a damage rating of 45,000 so that you have less chances of making a mistake. It is doable with less damage rating but the fight will take longer which means there will be more chances of making a mistake.

Pay close attention to his 3 skills. Devise a way to counter or block each of these skills. Here is one way to do it.

Maggie Spell: Silence

This will prevent all 3 of Elban's spells.

Mage Spell: Time Warp

This will make both Leap and his Charged shot dodgeable.

Mage Spell: Frost Nova

This will prevent him from casting all 3 of his spells and interrupt both Charged Shot and Life Drain.

Attacks: Arcane Missiles and Frost Bolts

You can use the Frost Bolt to slow him when chasing you and hopefully freeze him. But all other times you should use Arcane Missiles since they are the best damage for a single target attack. Having Arcane Missiles at lvl 10 with 4 pieces of Arcanist gear will result in massive amounts of damage.

By cycling through these three spells and dodging when Elban casts Leap or Charged Shot during Time Warp is a solid strategy to beating him.

Start by silencing him, when you think it's about to wear off, cast time warp. While he's slowed you can dodge Leap and Charged shot. If you see him doing a life drain, cast frost Nova to interrupt it. When the slow wears off, begin the cycle again.

You may want to improve your ability rate stat in order to get your spells to be ready faster.

Trivia Edit

  • Later in the game, he took a seat in the old crucible of Mawrth right beneath Malador on planet Nirgal in order to save time for his evil lord and master Ragadam, giving him a chance to channel his power into whole Eternium universe.
  • He is known to write a diary about Project Desparia that can be found in Act 2.