Daily quests are bonuses for your character. You can unlock these after completing Out of Nowhere. This can be used for gem looting as well as small exp reward which are alos valuable for your character.

Rewards Edit

Afted completing any selected quest (by system) you will be rewarded in the way of 500 exp for your hero and 20 gems for your hero. The experience gained will automatically count into the current hero's experience tab level. The gems collected from the quest will be available for all the heroes you have advance to.

Tips Edit

  • Use first to unlock all your Character slots in order you can collect daily rewards from all five of them so you can get 100 gems for a day, just from these quests.
  • Try levels that have loads of enemies that you need in order to complete the quest.
  • Marcus' Village is a good place to find Murlocks (go to the second bridge twice) and The Siege of Anderhelm is a good place to find Sisters of Ragadam or Skeleton Archers.

Quest typesEdit

  • Kill 50 Merlok toads.
  • Find and terminate 15 sisters of Ragadam.
  • Kill 50 skeleton archers.
  • Kill 10 elite enemies.
  • Kill 100 enemies.


  • Each quest is initially different, however they will get repetitive after a few days.
  • You must be connected to the network in order to be able to take your quest.